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    You can use <unpackFile> and <unpackDirectory> action to unpack one or more files at any time.

    For example to unpack an entire packed directory you can do:

    <unpackDirectory> <destination>${system_temp_directory}</destination> <component>tools</component> <folder>license</folder> <origin>management</origin> </unpackDirectory>

    And to unpack a file:

    <unpackFile> <destination>${system_temp_directory}</destination> <component>tools</component> <folder>license</folder> <origin>management/validator.exe</origin> </unpackFile>

    The Unpacking Before Installation Time section of InstallBuilder User Guide describes this in more details.

    Also, you can use --setvars at build time to specify values that can then be stored for the installer - all that is needed is to create a parameter with the same name (and setting <ask> to 0, so it is not shown to the user).

    $> builder build project.xml --setvars buildFlavor=minimal

    Next create a hidden parameter to make the buildFlavor persistent at runtime:

    <project> <shortName>myProject</shortName> <version>1.4</version> ... <parameterList> ... <stringParameter name="buildFlavor" value="minimal" ask="0"/> ... </parameterList> ... </project>

    The variables can also be set in <preBuildActionList> - for example by reading files at build time and setting the values appropriately.

    This approach is described in Creating Custom Builds section of InstallBuilder User Guide.

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