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    The upgrade mode in InstallBuilder works differently - it updates the existing installation by adding the new and/or modified files to uninstaller information and updating version information in Add/Remove Programs.

    As for uninstalling an application prior to installing it again, it is possible to check if uninstaller is present in specified location after installdir parameter is shown and run uninstaller. For example:

    <directoryParameter> <name>installdir</name> (...) <postShowPageActionList> <runProgram> <program>./uninstall.exe</program> <programArguments>--mode unattended</programArguments> <workingDirectory>${installdir}</workingDirectory> <ruleList> <fileExists> <path>${installdir}/uninstall.exe</path> </fileExists> </ruleList> </runProgram> </postShowPageActionList> </directoryParameter>

    It can also be run in <readyToInstallActionList> to avoid uninstalling application and then user not choosing to install it again.

    It is also possible to read the location from registry and then run the uninstaller if appropriate registry key exists.

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