choice parameter per platform


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    Currently the checking for required values does not take rules into account.

    This is similar to the question.

    Currently the solution is the same as in the other question - to validate the value in <validationActionList> for the field or group:

    <validationActionList> <throwError> <text>You need to specify a value</text> <ruleList> <compareTextLength> <length>0</length> <logic>equals</logic> <text>${parameter_name}</text> </compareTextLength> </ruleList> </throwError> </validationActionList>

    And perform an additional check in <preInstallationActionList> or <readyToInstallActionList> to handle unattended mode and error out if value is not specified or incorrect:

    <throwError> <text>No value specified for --parameter_name</text> <ruleList> <compareTextLength> <length>0</length> <logic>equals</logic> <text>${parameter_name}</text> </compareTextLength> <platformTest> <type>windows</type> </platformTest> </ruleList> </throwError>

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