Improvements to .NET framework detection for page




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    Sorry, I may not be properly understanding the issue but you could simply call <autodetectDotNetFramework/> in the <initializationActionList> and attach the below rule to your page:

       <autodetectDotNetFramework ... abortOnError="0" showMessageOnError="0"/>
             <isFalse value="${dotnet_autodetected}"/>

    So it won't appear if it is found.

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    I try to use the autodetectdotnetframework feature for .Net 4.5.1, but my code below is not working (.NET 4.5.1 is not detected wehen it is already installed.):


    I tried it with 4.5 instead of 4.5.1, but this is also not working.

    Is the feature not wokring with this new .Net Version, or do I something wrong?

    (This was with Bitrock Installbuilder 8.6 -> I will try 9.0 now...)

    Edit: Detection is working with Installbuilder 9.0 and 4.5 as minversion. 4.5.1 as minversion is not working. But for me, its ok so!

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