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    As mentioned in the original question, it is possible to change the message shown during uninstallation not to mention the name of the file that is currently uninstalled. For example:

    Installer.Installation.Unpacking=Unpacking files

    This will cause the name of the files uninstalled not to be shown. In this case the log also won't contain the names of the files that were uninstalled or skipped.

    As a workaround, what you can also do is include multiple spaces before and after %1$s to prevent showing the filename in the GUI, but having it in the log file. However, this causes the log file to look a bit weird. For example:

    Installer.Installation.Unpacking=Unpacking files (30 spaces) %1$s (30 spaces)

    Unfortunately there is no better way to skip showing installed file(s) with having the files logged.

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