system vs. user updates for addEnvironmentVariable and addDirectoryToPath




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    I have added your suggestion of modifying environment variables for Unix systems using /etc. If implemented, it would require additional option as changing it using <scope> option might break existing installers that set it to system and would not work properly if it is set system-wide.

    However, investigating and planning this feature may take some time to investigate as the files where this should be put may be different for various shells and/or distributions that would have to be supported.

    Also, I apologize for the late response. Due to an issue with notification system, we have missed this question.

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    Is there any updates on this? The correct way is to put the environment variables the way that tahoar suggest atleast if they are system wide. Maybe it should be two valid options for this. addEnvironmentVariable and maybe an addSystemEnvironmentVariable or something like that?

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