Why some files are packed twice?


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    This is an issue with InstallBuilder that we will work on fixing. The issue occurs only on Windows and only for files with .* names (i.e. .ts file).

    This will cause the file to be unpacked twice, but should not generate any side effect other than that. It is actually packed once since our payload packaging code detects duplicated files and automatically stores them once - you can even try to package a 100MB file multiple times, and the installer will only package it once.

    Also, if the .ts file does not need to be packed (if it is perhaps is a repository or other helper file), you can simply add it to <filesToIgnoreWhenPacking>. For example:

        <filesToIgnoreWhenPacking>CVS .svn .DS_Store .ts</filesToIgnoreWhenPacking>

    Please contact us on support@bitrock.com with the type of InstallBuilder build (Professional, Enterprise, Qt) and we will provide you with a build with fix for the issue once it is ready.

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