Can InstallBuilder's unzip action support unzipping a 7z file soon?


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    We are currently not considering adding 7z support. InstallBuilder's built-in compression uses LZMA, which is the same algorithm as 7z uses and the compression ratio is comparable. So for most customers, we recommend simply changing InstallBuilder's compression from ZIP to LZMA. It is also more convenient since it is better integrated with the installation progress bar. Is there a reason why you need to use an external archive?

    If you want to ship installers for multiple platforms (i.e. on a CD/DVD or USB drive) without having to store payload multiple times, you can use the CDROM mode. You can simply enable <compressPackedFiles>, and then the CDROM mode will build setup-windows.exe, (and other platform installers) as well as dist file containing payload for all platforms.

    It is documented in more details in CDROM Installers section of InstallBuilder user guide.

    Also, based on what you described in your additional comments, you may want to have a look ad downloadable components. It provides a way to build an installer with some of the features embedded in it (such as features all users install) and allow choosing which components should be downloaded if needed. You can choose which components are to be made downloadable and the installer will automatically download them and download only the ones that are needed/chosen by user.

    Downloadable components support HTTP proxy servers, which are most common solution for locations behind firewall. It also supports username/password based authentication to the proxy server.

    It is documented in more details in Downloadable components section of InstallBuilder user guide.

    If you need to ship an external archive, you can ship the 7z command line tools and simply use <runProgram> to run 7z command to extract the application.

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