InstallBuilder crashed when building a simple large installer


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    The limit for output size of an installer is 2GB. For some platforms (such as Windows), this is the maximum file size for a binary file, so in general it is not a good idea to create native installers that are more than 2GB in size.

    What you can do is use CDROM builds, where the installer binaries do not contain payload and all the files to be distributed can be packed in a single dist file. You can simply set media size appropriately - for example to 20GB:


    The <compressPackedFiles> option enables compressing all files into the dist file.

    You can find more information in CDROM Installers section of InstallBuilder User Guide.

    Another alternative is to use downloadable components - since their contents is also not included in the installer, you can create some or all of the content downloadable. This would cause the installer binary to be smaller (i.e. below 2GB) and allow things such as optional content to be downloadable. It is documented in Downloadable Components section of InstallBuilder User Guide.

    Choosing between CDROM, downloadable components or using both solutions depends on how your customers receive your application - CDROM mode is better for shipping on a physical media (i.e. CD, DVD Blu-Ray disks or USB drives), downloadable components are more natural for applications that are downloaded.

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