Symbolic Link - problem at uninstall - follow up


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    Sorry, just to make sure I understand the issue. You are installing two times the same application (or two applications sharing the same library) and a both create a symbolic links to the library under the installation directory.

    In your first case you mentioned that deleting one of them deleted the link and made the other crash, but, it one link overrides the previously created one, even if the link is not uninstalled, as the library it points to is uninstalled, wouldn't it fail the same way? Why do you need to create the link? Would be possible to create a wrapper to your application that would define DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH pointing to you local libs?

    # This is a shell script named ${installdir}/bin/yourApp, that will call the real binary application
    ${installdir}/bin/yourApp.bin "$@"

    That would save you all the trouble of trying to protect one installation from the other uninstallers

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