Having trouble setting a variable from the command line during build using cli.exe



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    Variables specified in --setvars are set before <preBuildActionList> actions are run, so your actions simply overwrite the values specified in command line.

    You can simply add a check if BuildDir was previously specified - in this case it should be enough to add a rule to only set it if ${BuildDir} does not exist:


    This will only set BuildDir to default value if --setvars was not specified or did not specify an existing directory.

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    Would the samething be true when trying to set the installer version from the command line? What i see when i set the version from the command line is that the installer that is built is the correct version but when i look at the installer project xml shows the value that was already inside. IE: if the version listed in the project file is 15 and i set the version from command line to 18. When i check the project file it will still contain the version 15.

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