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    Since version 6.2.2, InstallBuilder includes a new <compareVersions> rule. Its basic usage is explained in the below snippet:

    <showInfo text="version1 is greater than version2">
         <compareVersions version1="1.04-3" version2="1.4.2_9" logic="greater" /> 

    The <compareVersions> rule will compare the components of both versions split by the characters '.', '-' or '_'. The rule can also accept letters (1-4-a vs 1.4-b) but it cannot compares letters with numbers (1.4 vs 1-b).

    The allowed values to the 'logic' property are: 'less_or_equal', 'less', 'greater_or_equal', 'greater', 'does_not_equal', 'equals'.

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