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    The 'optionfile' command line option lets you specify installation options in a separate file. The 'optionfile' option is present on any installer created by InstallBuilder.

    The option file should contain one line per option, using the format key=value. You can use any of the options accepted by the installer, for example:


    The 'optionfile' option is very useful for testing environments. You can have several option files where you can specify different installation modes or different settings for the parameters defined in the installers.

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    Ashesh Vashi

    If I have '=' operator in value, how to take care of that?

    Is the answer as below? key="te=st"

    Then - what is the escape character for " (double quote)?

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    Ashesh Vashi

    Thanks for the information. I figured that out by creating a sample installer.

    Only disadvantage, I see with this approach is - we can not specify a value with newline.

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