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    InstallBuilder allows you to directly generate RPM packages to install your application. You just need to pass the "rpm" command line option to the Builder application on the command line:

    ./path/to/bin/builder build project.xml rpm

    You can also build RPM packages from the Graphical Interface, going to "Packaging" -> "Build Platform", and selecting "RPM" as the target platform

    You can only build though RPM packages on a machine that has RPM installed, as InstallBuilder uses internally the RPM tools in order to generate the package.

    Additionally, prior to creating the .rpm package, you may want to add the "vendor", "summary", "release" and "description" properties to the XML project file, under the <project> element:

      <summary>Description of your Application</summary>
      <description>A one-line description of your Application</description>

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