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    Sometimes it is convenient to set project variables at build time. There are a couple of ways that this can be accomplished:

    Use the preBuildActionList:

        <setInstallerVariable name="version" value="${env(BUILDVER)}" />

    Or, starting with 5.4.6, it is possible to pass variables directly in the command line to the builder $ builder build project.xml --setvars version=1.2.3 project.shortName=newShortName project.fullName="New Installer Name"

    If you want the value to be available at runtime, when the installer is run in the user machine, then you need to create a parameter that will store the value of the variable. These parameters are usually 'hidden' so they do not get displayed to the end user:

       <stringParameter name="mysql_port" ask="0" />

    $ builder build project.xml --setvars mysql_port=3306

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