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    Your installer may need to access Windows-specific directories, such as C:Windows or C:WindowsSystem32. As the location of these folders can change for every end-user setup, it is a good idea to use some internal installer variables which retrieve the current location of these directories for you.

    The following table provides some common directories and the associated installer variables which point to them.

    ${windows_folder_systemroot}: Resolves to Windows.
    ${windows_folder_system}: Resolves to WindowsSystem32.
    ${windows_folder_personal}: Resolves to current user's "My Documents" folder.
    ${windows_folder_programs}: Resolves to current user's "Programs" folder inside the Start Menu.

    In general, you can use: windows_folder_ and any id found here (please note that some ids may not be supported, and others may be only available under certain versions of Windows, so it is advisable to always test that the variable resolves successfully to the desired path):

    The windows_folder_ notation just works with csidl_ variables. To access the temp directory (or the temporary folder in any platform) you can use:


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