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    By default, InstallBuilder places generated installers in the output directory under the default installation directory (or in InstallBuilder under the Documents folder on Windows Vista.) You can specify an alternate output directory using the property. The following example would save the generated installer inside /nightly-builds/product/installers/:


    If you want to change the value by passing a variable at build time, you can use the following syntax

    builder build project.xml --setvars project.outputDirectory=/nightly-builds/product/installers/
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    Is there a way to do this from the GUI interface for InstallBuilder?

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    Here's the process for doing it within the GUI version of Version: 15.1.0 (2015-04-15):

    1) Select the Advanced (Wrench) icon from the left-hand pane.

    2) Select the topmost node (labeled project) in the GUI tab of the main pane.

    3) Click on the text link on the right-hand pane which says "Edit main project properties ...".

    4) Select "Build" from the left-hand pane.

    5) Click on the folder icon next to the Output directory text box to choose your desired output directory.

    Alternatively, after step 2, you could select the XML Editor tab and carefully modify the XML directly.

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