How can I allow the user to start my software from the final installation page?



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    You can allow the user to start your software in the final installation page using a <runProgram> action inside a <finalPageActionList> as in the following example:

      <progressText>Do you want to launch ${product_fullname} now?</progressText>

    You can customize the text that will be shown to the user on the final installation page with the <progressText> property. That text will be placed next to a checkbox. The user can choose whether or not to run the application by checking/unchecking the box. The default state is the checkbox to be checked, this can be changed with the <run> property.

    You can associate multiple actions with a single checbox by using an <actionGroup>. You can hide an action from the final page, and still execute it, by setting the <show> property to 0.

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